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Pixelink PL-B774F
2 Megapixel Color Machine Vision Camera
(View product brochure in ADOBE PDF)

PixeLINK PL-B774F Megapixel FireWire Machine Vision Camera

The PL-B774F is a 2 megapixel color machine vision camera. It offers a flexible set of on-board features and full API support. The PL-B774F MV camera can be integrated easily into industrial and OEM applications.

The new PL-B774F combines the functionality of a frame grabber with a CMOS imager to provide a solid machine vision camera in a simple to use package. Fully IIDC 1.31 (DCAM) compliant, the PL-B774F camera uses a standard FireWire interface for plug-and-play operation with the host computer.

The PL-B774F camera is fully supported by Windows based software and drivers for Windows 2000 and XP. The PL-B774F can also be operated right out of the box with any system that supports the FireWire (IEEE 1394) IIDC 1.31 specification such as Linux, National Instruments LabVIEW, and a host of other applications.

The camera's rich set of features and capabilities can all be controlled through software. In addition to standard camera features, the PL-B774F provides on-board Look Up Table (LUT) and illumination correction.

The PL-B774F provides fast frames rates at full resolution, up to 20 fps. This camera features a user-definable Region of Interest (ROI) with faster frame rates for smaller ROI. This camera will produce a frame rate of 100 fps at VGA resolution.


Camera Specifications
Color / Mono Color
Resolution 1600 x 1200
Frame Rate at Full Resolution 20
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Type Rolling
Lens Format C1/2”
Pixel Pitch 4.2 µm
Sensor Diagonal 8.40 mm
Bit Depth 8 or 10
Power Consumption (Watts) 3.2W
Variable ROI Yes
Right-angle Capable Yes
Interface (FireWire) 6 pins x 2
Camera Features via FireWire
Trigger Options Hardware - Optically Isolated 5-12V @ 4-11mA, Software and Free Running
General Purpose Outputs 2 Optically Isolated - Maximum 40V Differential. Maximum 15mA
Image Quality Measures
Responsivity (Peak) 2.7DN/(nJ/cm2)
Dynamic Range 60 dB
FPN < 1%
PRNU < 1%
Read Noise < 1 DN
Image Quality Measures
PixeLINK Capture OEM Free
SDK (incl. LabView Wrappers) Optional
Direct Show Compatible Yes
Windows Compatible 2000/XP
IIDC DCAM Compatible Version 1.31) Including Format 7 Extensions

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