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Firewire/IEEE1394 Digital Cameras

Sony -  IEEE1394 Firewire Cameras

Toshiba Teli FireDragon Series Firewire IEEE1394.b Cameras and Firewire IEEE1394 Cameras

Foculus IEEE 1394 Progressive Scan Cameras

Sony XCD-V50 Firewire B Camera
Sony dfwx710 - IEEE1394 Progressive Scan Color CCD Camera
Pixelink PL-B774F
Firewire IEEE1394 Toshiba Teli Cameras
Toshiba Teli FireDragon CSFV90BC3
Firewire IEEE1394 Toshiba Teli Cameras
Firewire IEEE1394 Toshiba Teli Cameras

We offer a full line of FireWire/IEEE1394 Digital Cameras.
Firewire / EEE1394 digital cameras are used in a variety of applications including:
Machine Vision, Microscopy, Industrial Inspection, Medical and other technical applications.

The advancement of Firewire® IEEE1394a to Firewire® IEEE1394b, from 400 mbps to 800 mbps is a huge step in the progression of Firewire® IEEE1394 technology. This added bandwidth makes Firewire® IEEEb a close competitive offering comparing it with Gigabit Ethernet with only 200mbps more bandwidth and Camera Link® with 400 mbps more. The cost advantages of Firewire® IEEE1394 can be considerable when you consider that inexpensive interface cards needed verses the expensive frame grabbers required for other technologies. The software offerings and maturity of the technologies standardization also make Firewire® IEEE1394 a good long-term investment in a technology future for your application.

We offer a full line of Firewire ® IEEE1394a and Firewire ® IEEE1394b cameras and peripherals. We stock cameras from Sony Firewire®, Toshiba-Teli Firewire®, and Foculus Firewire® manufacturers. Sony and Toshiba-Teli are both currently offering the Firewire®, IEEE1394b, 800 megabits. Foculus offers capture control display software with their cameras and SDK (Software Developers Kits) for a reasonable fee. Toshiba-Teli offers both capture, control, display software and an SDK for free.

We also offer capture cards, cables and power supplies. This coupled with the technical support needed to complete a design for applications like microscopy, machine vision, bio-science, military, medical, automotive, metrology, industrial inspection and other applications makes Aegis the partner worth consulting.